IBC (Islamic Books & Clothing) is different to every other Islamic store in Australia. In addition selling products that we have directly imported from overseas manufacturers or have sourced from local suppliers within Australia, we exclusively produce our own products.

Now you can buy wholesale directly from IBC on a whole range of products, including exclusive lines designed & manufactured by the IBC team.

Ladies Clothing and Accessories – IBC’s own brand is “Saaliha” offering custom made ladies clothing appropriate for the Australia Muslim Market. We select the fabric and colours for all our in house clothing, including Ladies Scarves, Jilbabs, Khimars, Headbands and other accessories

Children’s Books – IBC’s own brand is “Ali Gator” loved by Muslim children all over the world. We currently have over 50 titles for children aged 2-8 years old and distribute all over the world including UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and many others.

Ramadan, Eid & Hajj Decorations – IBC’s own brand is “Eid Party Decor” where we focus on celebrating these significant events in simultaneous modern and traditional way. Our Designer Range of decorations are loved the world over.

Home Decor & Gifts – IBC’s own brand is “Soul Reflections” a unique production of artistic home decor that goes in any modern Muslim.

You can also order Perfumes, Books, Sajadah, have a look through our website and see what you want to stock for your customers.

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