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Incoherence of the Atheists

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The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage of Atheism

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Beyond Mere Christianity

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Genesis: The First Book of Torah

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Guidance to the Uncertain in Reply to the Jews and The Nazarenes

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Islam 2000

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One God One Religion

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The Dead Sea Scrolls the Gospel of Barnabas & the New Testament

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The Jewish People: A Qur’anic Perspective

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The Return of Christ

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When Religion is Not What it Used To Be

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Christian Ethics: A Historical and Systematic Analysis of its Dominant Ideas

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Christianity According to Islamic Beliefs

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Christianity Myth or Message?

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Christians in the Qur’an and the Sunna: An Assessment from the Sources to Help Define our Relationship

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Divinity of Jesus – A Dialogue between Bahaudin Mudhary and Anto

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From Dionysus to Jesus Exposing Christianity’s Man-God

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Most Common Questions Asked on Concept of God in Christianity

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Paul and The Bible in The Light of Islam

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The Choice: Islam and Christianity Volume 2

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The Cross and The Crescent

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The Inevitable Victory

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The Muslim At Prayer

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Trialogue of the Abrahamic Faiths

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